Q & A with Debut Author Natasha Hardy

natasha hardy


Today I’d like to welcome another fabulous Carina author Natasha Hardy to my blog. Her debut novel Water is out now to buy from all good e-book retailers.

But first some questions I’ve been desperate to ask and Natasha has very kindly taken the time to answer them, thanks Natasha……..

1. Where do you write?

I write in our outside area which has stack sliding doors which completely open up, and let in fresh air and loads of golden South African Sunshine.

2. Do you have any particular routines?

I try to write while the kids are at school so mostly in the mornings, but come deadline time, I write whenever I can.

3. Who has inspired you the most?

In writing it has to be Stephenie Meyer, mainly because I can relate to being so busy working and being a Mom and wife and finding writing as a bit of a “me time” escape.

4. What inspired this novel?

A camping trip I went on as a child to Injisuthi, a wildly beautiful part of the South African Drakensburg. On that trip we discovered rock encased pools of ice cold, crystal clear, turquoise blue water.

5. Your top three pieces of advice for any aspiring authors.

1. Write. No matter how busy you are, start your book.

2. Believe in your story.

3. Believe in your ability to tell that story uniquely.

6. If you could throw a come dine with me dinner party and invite any authors who would you ask and why?

William Shakespere- because I’d love to understand how that man just got human beings and described them agelessly.

J.R.Tolkien- because I’d love to know what other stories he had in his head that he didn’t get round to writing down.

Terry Prachett- because I think he’d add a touch of humour and sheer lunacy to the experience.

Stephenie Meyer- because I’d love to hear her impressions of the evening as she seems to have an affinity for understanding the connections between people.


Debut Author Natasha Hardy


Natasha Hardy began writing when the adventure of her life had turned dark and gloomy, as all adventures must at some point, if they are to be classified as a true adventure. It was in the depths of the winter of her adventure that she found a way, through writing, to escape into the sun.
Like most escapes it turned into an adventure all of its own, where characters have their own problems to solve, albeit far more complex problems involving mythical creatures that aren’t meant to exist, and expect far more than they reasonably should.
Her escapes, for there are many still to come, are sparked by the adventures she has had in the wildly beautiful South African bush, seasoned with the true stories of the explorers who make up her ancestry, and woven through with the intrigue, and sometimes sheer madness, of living in Africa.
She now spends most of her time-happily- in a world of words, and the rest trying to keep up with her part time rock star, full time doctor husband and their two gorgeously mischievous little boys.