Christmas Checklist

I hope by now that everyone is well on their way to being organised for Christmas. Are your decorations up, have you dressed your tree and wrapped your presents? No…..phew that’s good because I’m certainly not that organised.

My Christmas Checklist

My tree

Tree – Yes decidely it’s a very wonky one but it’s lit up and decorated. Even though it’s not the prettiest tree it smells divine and looks the part. Top tip for all you real Christmas tree fanatics – don’t buy it from a farm in the middle of nowhere when it’s dark unless you have a very good torch and a spirit level.

Decorations – Yes up to now I’ve decorated the hall, the front of the house, the kitchen and the living room. Phew a couple of glasses of wine helped to ease the pain. It’s taken a week but it looks very festive.

Presents – Hmn, erm, sort of. I have a lot of people to buy for which include five children, a granddaughter, two sets of parents and numerous nephews and nieces. I’ve made a really good start I think and I’m off to Manchester next week to hopefully finish off whatever it is I need. I’m sure that I will end up coming back with everything that I didn’t want or need but I’m looking forward to it.

Cards – I’ve made a start, which is all I’ll say on that subject. They normally get delivered on Christmas Eve after a large Baileys and it’s anyones guess which letterbox they get posted through.

Wherever  you’re up to with your Christmas preparations I hope that it doesn’t overwhelm you and take away the magic of Christmas. I think that we are so busy working and rushing around we sometimes forget that the best and sometimes the worst part of Christmas is being able to spend time with the ones we love. It can be a special time of year as long as we don’t put too much pressure on ourselves, so what if the tree is wonky or I burn my sprouts again this year, the point is I’ve tried my best and that’s all anyone can ask.

Helen xx


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